Premium Quality English Figure 8 Braided Bridle Made by Bobby's English Tack


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Leather CPR, Leather, Bridle & Tack Cleaner Conditioner
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Leather CPR, Leather, Bridle & Tack Cleaner Conditioner
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TACKZONE English - English Hunter/Jumper Bridles, English Tack and English Bridle Parts and Bridle Accessories for Traditional English and Hunters / Jumpers Horse Tack. Bobby's English bridles & Tack are the quality of other known bridles in English Tack such as; Passier Bridles & Tack, Stubben Bridle & Tack, Edgewood Bridles & Tack, CWD Bridles & Tack, Ovation Bridles & Tack, Henri de Rivel Bridle, Arce de Triumph Bridle & Tack, Pessoa Bridle & Tack, Jeffries Bridle & Tack, Suffolk Bridle & Tack, Crown Bridle, Vespucci Bridle & Tack, Beval Bridles & Tack and Collegiate Bridles & Tack.

#161-J Braided Figure 8 Bridle $190.95

This Beautiful Round Raised Braided Figure 8 Bridle comes with matching round raised Braided browband, round raised braided figure 8 noseband and round raised braided laced reins. Made by Bobby's English Tack from the finest quality leather and available in brown with black braid or brown with brown braid.

Available Options:

#161-J Braided Figure 8 Bridle

Premium Quality Braided Figure 8 Bridle

Bobby's figure 8 Bridle

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Largest selection of Bobby's English Tack and Bobby's English Bridle & Saddle. Bobby's English Tack and Bridle are available in English Calfskin Leather. Bobby's Bridle are made with the finest quality leather. Quality Saddle. Bobby's Bridles - If a default in your Bobby's Bridle is not a result of neglect or misuse or abuse, we will work with Bobby's English Tack to replace your Bridles. Tackzone does not assume any responsibility for manufacturers defaults.

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