Bobby's English English Figure 8 Triple Stitched Bridle


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Leather CPR, Leather, Bridle & Tack Cleaner Conditioner
Bobby's English Tack Signature Series, English Bridles & Tack, Dressage Bridles & Tack, Breastcollars and Martingales.

TACKZONE English - English Hunter/Jumper Bridles, English Tack and English Bridle Parts and Bridle Accessories for Traditional English and Hunters / Jumpers Horse Tack. Bobby's English bridles & Tack are the quality of other known bridles in English Tack such as; Passier Bridles & Tack, Stubben Bridle & Tack, Edgewood Bridles & Tack, CWD Bridles & Tack, Ovation Bridles & Tack, Henri de Rivel Bridle, Arce de Triumph Bridle & Tack, Pessoa Bridle & Tack, Jeffries Bridle & Tack, Suffolk Bridle & Tack, Crown Bridle, Vespucci Bridle & Tack, Beval Bridles & Tack and Collegiate Bridles & Tack.

#169-J Triple Stitched Figure 8 Bridle $190.95

This Beautiful Round Raised Triple Stitched Figure 8 Bridle comes with matching round raised triple stitched browband, round raised triple stitched figure 8 noseband and round raised triple stitched laced reins. Made by Bobby's English Tack from the finest quality leather and available in Light Brown or Dark Brown.

Available Options:

#169-J Triple Stitched Figure 8 Bridle

Premium Quality Triple Stitched Figure 8 Bridl

Bobby's Figure 8 Bridle

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Largest selection of Bobby's English Tack and Bobby's English Bridle & Saddle. Bobby's English Tack and Bridle are available in English Calfskin Leather. Bobby's Bridle are made with the finest quality leather. Quality Saddle. Bobby's Bridles - If a default in your Bobby's Bridle is not a result of neglect or misuse or abuse, we will work with Bobby's English Tack to replace your Bridles. Tackzone does not assume any responsibility for manufacturers defaults.

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Bobby's English Tack Figure 8 Bridle